Coke introducing a calcium-fortified soft drink

David- Your area of opportunity:
Bone weakness is something everyone must deal with as we age. The typical dietary intake of calcium for consumers is well below the recommended levels of sufficient eating. The pace at which life is conducted makes it especially hard to be sure you are getting enough calcium. The area of opportunity for Coke’s calcium fortified soft drink is it can be placed conveniently in vending machines that is readily available to those people who are too busy to look for calcium rich drinks like milk or orange juice. On-the-go segments of people already prefer soft drinks if they use vending machines. This represents an opportunity to market to loyal brand customers who feel they need to take care of their bones and not have to interrupt their already busy schedule to find typical calcium sources.

Josh- Why it represents opportunity?
Releasing a calcium-fortified soft drink is an opportunity to bring consumers a drink that is both delicious and good for them. Soft drinks have a reputation for being unhealthy. By releasing this new, healthy product we have the opportunity to attract consumers that may have stayed away from soda because of its' unhealthiness. The calcium helps to build and maintain strong bones and teeth. This benefit presents us with the opportunity to target parents and other health-conscious consumers. In addition, the added calcium gives consumers a better tasting and more refreshing drink than milk or orange juice.

Tim - Why was it chosen?
We have chosen Coca Cola over Pepsi because of its brand recognition. It was named the top global brand this year and is the largerst beverage distributer in the world. It was as chosen for because they have a wide customer base, they are known all over the world and not just in the United States. We are hopeing that people that do not drink soda will start to because it is going to become more healthy.

Alison- The consumer needs and benefits you are focusing on:
A likely consumer need that our Coca Cola Calcium will satisfy is an affordable beverage that is not only delicious, thirst quenching and caffeinated, but a healthier alternative to other beverages. One of the benefits to offering a Coke calcium-fortified product is we would be giving consumers the same calcium supplement as many juices, milk, and other beverages provide, but that energizing and sometimes much needed caffeine as well. It could shift current consumers of other “diet” branded sodas over to Coca Cola Calcium because this characteristic may be seen as more important or beneficial than drinks that are just “diet” or with “no calories”. Coca Cola Calcium may also take over some of the current coffee consumers because it has the same caffeine benefit but it has healthy advantages as well.

Luz- Key strategic issues associated with your area of opportunity:
When introducing any new product in the market place, issues will arise. We are introducing a Coke calcium-fortified soft drink and some of our issues will be: 1. it is still a soft drink, and soft drinks have a reputation for being unhealthy.2. Pepsi will attack, Pepsi has always been one of Coca Cola's biggest competitors and we have to be ready to face their counter attack. 3. The Milk, 100% Juice, fresh produce and vitamin industry, they have always been some of the most popular markets when it comes to health. Lastly, 4. The flavor, most of our loyal customers will want to make sure that every product introduced by Coke will still have that same great taste. We will do everything we can to overcome these issues, as well as continue to satisfy our loyal customers and attract new ones.

Gina- The nature of the target market for your area of opportunity:
Coca Cola is one of the largest brands in the world and easily recogniozed. For some just simply seeing the color red or a big c will instantly make them think of Coca Cola. We here at Coca Cola are lucky to have some of the most loyal customers, through the years we have introduced several varities of Coca Cola soft drinks that our customers have all come to know and love. When targeting our new Coke calcuim-fortified soft drink we plan to target it to existing Coke customers but especially to our health conscious customers, for example; our Coke Zero and Diet Coke drinkers because they will be interested in our new healthier alternative. We also plan to target gyms, high schools and health food stores because at those locations are people who love Coke products but also care about their health so having a Coca Cola calcium-fortified soft drink will be perfect for them and be successful. By targeting these places it will give us an opportunity to establish relationships with new customers.